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Past month: March

So what I want to start doing, in addition to continuing to write my travel tips for places I’ve been; I want to start to write some other stuff too. For whoever’s out there to give them a chance to get to know me just a little bit better. And if it all fails at least I can look back on this in a couple of months and smile. Her’s a couple of things summed up, from the last month..

Found the Norwegian flag in Uyuni, the Bolivian salt desert

March craving

Seeing my family, is that a craving? I’ve been on the road for 15 months now without seeing my family and friends in Europa, and i never really had a problem with it. of course I love my family more than anything, but this has been my time to be out and about. But now, the past month  I really started to feel the need to go home for a visit.

March thought

It’s so crazy that the language I speak every day now is Spanish and I’ll find myself humming and singing along to Portuguese and Spanish songs. For the record, I didn’t speak any Spanish when I started my trip. I basically learned Spanish from speaking to and getting to know my boyfriend (tips for anyone single and wanting to learn a new language, hehe).

March boost

I bought some new clothes. Can’t think of the last time I did that and I love it. I texted a friend about it and he was just like, that’s not material happiness, that’s basic necessities haha. Maybe this low budget backpacker life is getting the best of me. No matter what it is I feel great about it, with half of my closet from lost and found and the other half basically being what clothes I started out with from home it’s nice with a change.


The sunsets here in Rio de Janeiro are amazing

March downer

The thought of going home. I know I just said I want to go home to visit. ANd I know it’s just for a couple of months and that I’ll be back here in no time. But it makes me a bit melancholic and nervous and all sorts of mixed feelings that I’m leaving Latin America and ending, or at least pausing, this chapter of beautiful adventures that I’ve been calling my life for the last 15 months. And not to mention leaving my boyfriend, our apartment, my job and friends here in Rio de Janeiro. Basically, everything that’s been my home and daily life for the last 3 and something months.

Months music

Well as mentioned I’ve been getting more into music in Portuguese and Spanish. Especially mentioning Natiruts and Dread Mar I. Check them out!

March mess up

Breaking my phone screen just days after buying a new phone (got robbed some time ago). Note to self: Material things, not too important. Still sucks though.

March laugh

God, too many. And I can’t point out any of the moments on the spott, a week into the new month. Maybe this is a thing I have to start doing once a week or twice a month to really remember what happened in the first part. Let’s see.


from the top of Morro Babilonia, the mountain out favela is located on.

March moment

There is just too many ..

From hiking to the top of Morro Babilonian, the mountain our favela here in Rio is located on. To fishing in the middle of the night at the end of Leme beach with the view of Christ redeem, to celebrating a good friends birthday with a bunch of people at Vidigal beach in the middle of the night.

March food

Tapioca a Brazilian pancake made with yucca flour. Check it out!

And the food they sell by weight here close to where we live. “Banana tropical” if your’e in the area. You basically fill a plate with whatever you want from the buffee and then pay for the weight of it all. At lunch hour they have a promotion too.

We borrowed the neighbors dog yesterday and brought him to the beach

In April I will, spend more time with friends, see more of what’s around and in Rio(can you believe I’ve been here for over 3 months and i still haven’t been to Christ Redeem?!). Practice guitar. Work less in the kiosk, work on my tan more. And work more on this blog thing. Excited to see what this can bring.

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