Hi! I am Julie

a 26-year-old girl from Bergen, Norway. I’m a backpacking, low budget traveler, getting to know the world. After almost two years spent in Latin America, backpacking, volunteering, working, living,
laughing and in general adventuring, I’m currently pursuing new adventures in Europe.

My Story

I’ve always loved traveling, but my passion for travel and adventures started after I spent a semester studying abroad in Budapest. I got to know people from so many places, we went on trips together, partied, studied a bit and of course got to know Budapest. I love to get to know cities, and places, make them my own. Not just on a “weekend trip kind of way” you know?

My boyfriend and I at Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval, 2017.
Me and new friends on a weekend trip to Bratislava during my exchange year in 2014.

After my exchange semester, I went back to Oslo to finish my degree. I worked at a nursing home in the weekends and afternoons and studied during the day. I decided to rent out my room through Airbnb (something my landlord still doesn’t know anything about). Renting my room out through Airbnb basically paid for my flights. I was able to travel around Europe, visit friends and stay in their towns – all while still on a student budget. When I finished my degree I took a job as a waiter and housekeeper in a Norwegian cruise ship line. This way I worked 110% when I actually work, and travel when I’m not working.



Frequently Ask Question






1. How can I afford to travel so often?

I always travel low budget and i cut down on eating out, cafe visits and partying when im home to save up. I also always stay in hostels or though couchsurfing when I travel. Read more about chouchsurfing.

2. Why do you travel? 

I love getting to know new places and get new perspective on things. A central part of traveling to me is getting to know locals and a bit about the way of life in the places I go to. I also love to pick up new laguages on the road. Slow travel has definitely been my absolute favorite way of traveling.



3. Have you ever been in danger? 

I’ve never really felt in danger. altough I’ve found myself in some scetchy places and realized afterwards. I’ve also been sick, hospitalized and robbed while traveling, but, that can happen anywhere. I would’nt be too scared about it, but my best tip is to follow your gut.

4. How do you plan your trips?

I don’t really plan too much when it comes to my travels. I used to, but now I try to take it as it comes, reach out to locals and ofc. schedule the things I absolutely can not miss.