I’m Julie, a 25-year-old girl from Bergen, Norway. I’m a backpacking, low budget traveler, getting to know the world. After almost two years spent in Latin America, backpacking, volunteering, working, living , laughing and in general adventuring, I’m currently pursuing new adventures. This time in Andorra, with my boyfriend Germán and my little dog Teas.

Cerro de los Siete Colores and el Paseo de los Colorados

My Story

I’ve always loved traveling, but my passion for travel and adventures started after I spent a semester studying abroad in Budapest. I got to know people from so many places, we went on trips together, partied, studied a bit and of course got to know Budapest. I love to get to know cities, and places, make them my own. Not just on a “weekend trip kind of way” you know?

After my exchange semester, I went back to Oslo to finish my degree. I worked at a nursing home in the weekends and afternoons and studied during the day. I decided to rent out my room through Airbnb (something my landlord still doesn’t know anything about). Renting my room out through Airbnb basically paid for my flights. I was able to travel around Europe, visit friends and stay in their towns – all while still on a student budget. When I finished my degree I took a job as a waiter and housekeeper in a Norwegian cruise ship line. This way I worked 110% when I actually work, and travel when I’m not working.

Me and new friends on a weekend trip to Bratislava during my exchangeyear in 2014.

January 4th, 2017 I set off for what I thought would be a 3-month long adventure through some of the countries in Latin America. My idea was to end in Brazil for the Carnival 2017, then go to Asia. My adventure turned out to last a lot longer. I actually finally made it to Rio de Janeiro for the carnival, but for the carnival a whole year later.

My boyfriend and me at Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro

More than 16 months later I returned to my hometown Bergen in Norway, the 14th of May 2018. I spent the summer working on cruise ships, catching up with family and friends. I left again in August to meet up with my boyfriend and finish up my South America adventure. This November I got on a flight back to Europe. New knowledge about culture, new friends and adventures are not the only things I brought back with me though. I also learned Spanish and decent Portuguese. And I met my boyfriend while volunteering in Lima, Peru. With that I’m ready to head out for new adventures, spending the winter season in Andorra, before I hopefully head off to Asia.


This is my hunt for a life without any local restrictions and ties, me pursuing the life I want to live. Hope you enjoy it!

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